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Building a Charity Website – Help For Dominica


Mid 2017 I was approached to assist in Help for Dominica‘s plans to gain more donations for their cause. Initially the team at Help for Dominica just required a website design. This was to push their cause to the masses. However, building a charity website soon evolved into a logo design, website design & build & email mailbox development.

For those that don’t know much about Help for Dominica, here’s a bit of a background:
Help for Dominica was founded in August 2015 by Brenda Vidal (UK) and Sandra Watkin (Dominica) following the island of Dominica being devastated by Tropical Storm Erika. 

Many in the UK wanted to send help. Mainstream charities had sent some supplies, but these were not always reaching remote areas and some in outlying villages had no access to the towns due to the roads being blocked or having broken bridges etc and of course repairing homes and farmlands etc had to be done. 

So Help For Dominica was formed, with those in the UK who wanted to help sending donations of money clothes, food and other supplies to Brenda so these could be shipped to Dominica.  Sandra, a good friend of Anita, who was not so badly affected and had access and connections to these areas in need. Help for Dominica barrels were sent to her and together with Hildreth, a young girl from local village and willing helpers from Girl Guides, they would load her car and tirelessly trek to remote areas to distribute the contents.

I continue to work voluntarily to support this great charity in their mission to help people of Dominica.

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