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We are Markomz Agency, a marketing communications agency with a difference; hence the spelling of ‘Kommunicationz” and our name Marketing Kommunicationz or for short ‘Markomz’.

We focus on providing our clients with a fun and enjoyable experience. If you do decide to be one, we’ll get to know you and your company in just a few convo’s, and whether they’re online or over the phone the objective is same, how do we get you what you want and need?

More customers, traffic or interactions!

We have a simple and on-going feedback loop, this is in place to refine and target our kommunicationz, ensuring we get increased interaction and more bang for your buck.

We’re the newest Marketing Communications & Social Media Management Company in the UK, and with over 12 years marketing management experience and almost two decades within events and promotions management we have a wealth of experience.

What are Marketing Communications?

“Marketing communications (marcoms) is a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts. Loosely defined, marketing communications can be described as all the messages and media you deploy to communicate with the market.”

Markomz can assist with your entire marketing requirements, from basic design work to strategy and planning. However, our specialisation is in communications, including: advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your online presence etc.

We are currently based in Nottingham UK, but we also have a great influence across the Midlands and the North having done a number of great campaigns in those regions. However, as we are a digital marketing agency we can help any business in the World.

If you would like us to help you overtake your competition, by building you a website, improving your organic search results, increasing your social media interaction or implementing a direct marketing campaign then get in contact now or buy one of our packages in our online shop!